Twisted Thursday over at The Outlawz has my two boys as their GDTs this week. They got two images to color in and I let them color them the way they wanted. They then told me how the cards layout should be and I helped them a little bit to cut the papers, some was already done and was laying in my cut out box so they could choose themselves.

I think they did a fantastic job, and they love to color just like their mama. Guess they got something good from my side, hi hi hi.

Would be very grateful if you would leave a comment of what you think about they boys cards so I can tell them what others think. I will just let you enjoy the cards.

Anyways, until next time ………. craft on.


My son Gabrie’s card, he is 6 years old and loves sport and to do crafts once in awhile. He plays soccer, which I am also the coach for. Loves to watch all kind of sports, everything from soccer, handball, ice-hockey to… you name it.



Daniel is my oldest son who turns 10 yrs old in November. He loves music and plays french horn. He is a very special kid, he is very figurative. Has been so since young age. You could never skip a page in the bedtime story because he would tell you exactly what was on the page and what it was all about.