Hello again,

So, a friend of mine asked me if I could make a special card for her mother who turned 60 years old. They where going to give her a trip to London so if I could incorporate this on the card it was very appreciated. So, millions of thoughts and millions of images that I had in mind, but in the end I used Magnolia stamp.

I wanted to make it so London inspired as possible. I tried to find different type of embellishments and papers but it was hard to find here in Sweden, if I wanted I had to order from outside the country, most of the findings was from the UK. Then I bought a crafting magazine and I got embossing folder and other London inspired theme with the magazine.. It was like someone new that I was struggling with finding images and embellishments for this card.

I had my two images from Magnolia colored in quickly and then I found a flag on the internet and the rest I have from either the magazine or I had a embossing die with London theme that I had bought from a site on Facebook. So I got started on getting the card ready. I am not much for a lot on a card, I am more of a CAS card girl (CAS=Clean And Simple)

I asked my friend what her mother thought of the gifts and she told me that her mother loved my card and have had it framed already. It made me so proud of myself that she loved it so much. My friend had even told her mom as a joke, that it would have been enough with just giving her the card. Hi hi hi.

As I made another card for her shortly after she said she gladly pay a little extra and get a handmade card then to go to the store and buy a mass produced card. She said it’s more personal and feels good to give something that one have giving time and effort to make. That made me feel really good.

I will leave you with a picture of the London themed birthday card for my friends mother.

Anyways, until next time ……craft on.