Shamballa you wonder?

Yes, I do jewelry once in awhile still, not as often as before but I still have many of my pearls left when time and inspiration comes on. This time my little sister asked me for help. Her boyfriends mother and sister loved her bracelet I have made for her, but the trouble they always had was that the bracelet was always to big to wear.

Since I do the Shamballa bracelet myself I can custom make them as either I want them or the customer wants them. Therefor they can get the bracelet of their dreams, with the exceptions that I have the colors of the beads.

This time they wanted nothing that was out of the ordinary, like a rainbow color Shamballa bracelet. So these two Shamballa bracelets are custom made and was a joy to make. To do something handmade means that people like when one actually sit and take their time to do something crafty, either it’s a card, jewelry, painting or other crafty products.

They are made with Shamballa beads and hematite pearls. Hematite if you are not familiar with them are making wonders to those who wear them, so they say.

Anyways, until next time……….. craft on.