It’s nice to hear that someone does nice cards and are wondering if they could special order a card. Well, of course it’s ok, to special order a card. The other day a mother of a classmate to my oldest son wrote to me asking me, since I do such beautiful cards, if I could do a wedding card, and that it had to be done in about 2 days. Gulp, what have I now got myself into I thought.

First, I have never done a wedding card, I have colored weeding digi but never done a actual card out of it, and then to top this off to make it in about 2 days. Second, it’s right before Christmas with everything else going on with doing x-mas candy, buying and wrapping x-mas gift etc but since I love challenges I said yes to making a card. I already had a wedding couple from Magnolia stamps so it was an easy start. I asked how the person who was getting married looked like so I could get it so realistic as possible.

Well, below you will see the card and the inside. It says on the insed of the card: Happy Wedding day in Swedish. I guess this will not be the last wedding card that I will make, just hoping that I would have more time on my hand next time I get an special order for a card.

Anyways, until next time……… craft on !!!!

Magnolia Wedding Card

Inside of the card