Oh my, oh my, what a surprise I was in for when I opened my package that Kerri Hibberd sent me from the UK.

I have signed up to participate to a Secret Queen Halloween Exchange over at Simply B Stamps Facebook group. We all got the same image from Simply B Stamps to make a card and to include Halloween goodies gifts for at least a minimum of $25. That could be candy, socks, craft items, anything Halloween.

My wonderful exchange partner, Kerri HIbberd gave me such great gifts that I am speechless. She gave me this wonderful bracelet with Halloween charms and I love it!! 😍

I am a sucker for chocolate and I got 4 yes 4 different chocolate bars to try out. I also got 3 lollipops but my two sons was quick in getting two of them so they are missing in the picture. I got some craft items and even some to finish myself. LOVE IT!!

I love the whole secret exchange theme. You get a card special for you, and in return you give someone a special card. It’s so nice to receive a handmade card that someone has taken their sweet time out of their busy lifes to create something special and thoughtful just for you.

Nowadays, it’s rear to get a handwritten card mailed to you and sent to your mailbox. We got so caught up in the cyberspace that many of us misses how it feels to get an actual handwritten letter.

At last, Look at the wonderful things I got from a very talented lady; Kerri Hibberd from UK. It’s a whole lot of LOVE in this blog entry, but to try to put words on my feelings are hard. There is so much love for all of this.

Anyways, until next time…..craft on❤️


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