My kids counselor is going to change her work position and I figured that I would make a sweet little card for her. She has helped me through some tough times and help me talk to the kids when I can’t get through my thoughts to them. She has been my rescue in many ways, when being a single mother of two boys, and having a hard time getting everything to flow. She has been a lifesaver.

She is very creative when it comes to talking to my kids and she is very sweet and kind. I also know that she is very creative on her spare time and loves to make stuff and craft. So what better card than to find a stamp with a crafty image.

I thought that this Lacy Sunshine digital stamp was the perfect image and I wanted to incorporate the colors of her dress in the background papers. I am a CAS card girl. (Clean And Simple).

I just have to write a little note to her as well as my kids are going to write their names on the card as well.

Card made for a special person.

Card made for a special person.