Puh, I am finally done with my special Halloween Wedding Card. It has been a challenge in many ways.

The talented Betty from Simply B Stamps has giving us the digi for free, if we would do a wedding card for her son who’s getting married.
First, I have never done a wedding card, second, never had to just use the colors Beige, Lime green and Black to color, and last, it is a Halloween theme. I love Halloween and all but to find embellishments for this occasion has been hard. Especially here in Sweden being summer and all.

Anyways, it has been an awesome challenge and I had to finish the card today since we had the deadline for the card to be done and uploaded on Simply B Stamps Fan Page on Facebook. Otherwise you would be on a No Freebie for 4 months.

The coloring of the digi I have had done for awhile, but the layout of the card has been changed a million times in my head. Not only that, I have been super busy at work with long hours and some extra hours helping out, plus a co-worker party to end our season at work.

I hope you liked it and hopefully the couple that it will be sent to likes it as well.

Anyways, until next time; craft on