As you may know I have been doing a few entries over at The Outlawz Challenge, this time I am doing it for the monthly challenge that goes on for the whole months. This leaves you plenty of time to color and do your card. The other once I have entered is just weekly, so there you have to be more sufficient and do it right away.

This months digi is from Jen, it was such a cute digi to color and I actually just sat down yesterday and colored it and put it on a card within an hour or so. I just felt when I started to color that it would turn out good and for once I am actually pleased with the coloring and the finished card.

I actually tried out a different way to color the jeans pants and I love it. There are a few tips and tricks you can learn on your way when coloring, I don’t think you will ever be fully educated and learned on how to color and do cards. There is always ways to do better and to improve on.

Anyways, I am leaving you with my card that I drew for the July’s Freebie Challenge.

Until next time….. toodles

July's Outlawz Challenge freebie from Jen.

July’s Outlawz Challenge freebie from Jen.