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I have been unemployed since the beginning of this year, but between Janurary / beginning of June I have been doing a training program where I have been at my friends store and helped out with the stores website. One day, on a Sunday afternoon, I got a call from a lady. She had viewed my resumé and wanted to offer me a job as a Front Desk Agent at a summer hotel not to far away from my town. Since I am a single mother of two I told the lady that I have trouble doing afternoon/night shift as well as weekends. She then tells me that this will get the whole situation a bit tricky but still wants to meet me for an interview the next day. Short story told, I got the job the following day. I am working at this summer hotel during this summer, and I am loving it.

My boss is a very young lady who has been working there for 6 summers so she knows the work and routines very well. I get a long with her just fine. I found out that she was about to travel to Australia later in the summer to go to school there for a semester. Well, she left yesterday for her big travel and since she has been so kind to me this summer I wanted to give her something to remember this summer and our new acquaintance.

So I made her a bracelet and matching earrings (I forgot to take a pic of the jewelry though) and also a card which I thought was just right for her in her travelling moment. She came by the hotel on Monday afternoon and she got so touched by the card and the gift.

Well, see for yourself about the travelling card I made for her.

Travelling Magnolia stamp for my new friend.

Travelling Magnolia stamp for my new friend.