Well, I am a proud winner of the Outlawz. I still can’t believe that I have won a challenge. The price was to choose 3 digital stamps from Lacy Sunshine. It is hard to just have to pick 3 when there are so many other stamps you want as well. I thought carefully of what to make with the ones that I did choose though. A challenge that at first I misunderstood and had to enter another card into the challenge. Never in my world would I think that my simple card would be chosen.

Thinking about it, it makes me happy. Happy that what I started almost a year ago actually is meaningful. Buying all these markers and trying out different stamps, buying some rubberstamps to start and then I just added more material to my little crafty corner. To be able to learn something new or getting better in some areas. I think that you are never fully taught in your life, there are always things that you can learn more about. Share to others what you have experienced and help another fellow crafter on its way to do better in crafting or just to be a better person in general.

Creative is something that I have been for a long time, I think almost all my life. Before starting to do the card making I was into doing jewelry, but I was making more jewelry for myself than to selling them. I still have my pearls and materials left so I still do some bracelets or earrings once in a while. I have been sawing my own clothes when I was a teenager, knitting baby blanket for my sons as well as a few family members and friends. Lately I have also done some glass paint on nice wine glasses. As you may have seen in one of my previous blogs.

Anyways, keep crafting, being a better person and be yourself. There is only one of  you!!

Until next time