I don’t know how I found out about promarkers, but when I did I wanted to learn everything about it. I searched on google and YouTube and found loads of tutorials and info and got hooked. I bought a set to try them out and I got so surprised on how good these pens where and why I haven’t heard of them before. This was a whole new world for me and more was to come and more to learn. I started to buy some more sets so I was able to draw after some of the tutorials I had found on YouTube. I then started to search on Facebook for groups that had Promarkers, and found a few that I joined. I quickly realized that there where no group in Swedish so I started my own group – Promarkers Pyssel – and started to share my group on different Swedish crafting groups. I also in the same time started to learn all about stamps and this world is enormous. So many different stamps are available out there, and challenges, freebies and what not.

I am so happy that I found the wonderful Promarkers pens and that it opened up a whole new world for me that I love and can sit for hours and do. Soon I will try to save money so I can buy different classes to learn more about how to color with these lovely pens so I will be even better at it. I think that you can never be fully taught on something, there are always other things to learn or to get better at.

Today we have celebrated Midsummer so I am over and out for today.



Min första bild med promarkers